Gevorg Karensky

A commercial for the new Jaguar. The car is entirely CGI.

The vehicle is entire CG. It was digitally modeled and recreated placing it into the real photographic backgrounds.

Shot entirely in camera, this is a spot for British Columbia.

A commercial for the new Jaguar model. The vehicle is entirely computer generated.

The vehicle is entirely CG. It was digitally modeled and recreated placing it into the real photographic backgrounds.

Grand Theft Auto: RISE is about the birth of an underground hero. He is not the hero that we are used to seeing. He is submerged in his own internal darkness. He is a protagonist. People will fall, things will break, he will be left standing alone in a tunnel with no light at the end.

This is a different take on the live action version of the world famous Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

A little visual effects breakdown video showing the before and after.

AUDI RS5 evades a crash test collision with a falling cement block dropped from a huge crane. A full-CGI experiment of a single, continuous, hyper slow-motion fantasy moment. Now, let’s dodge some cement blocks.

We modeled the Audi RS5 from scratch. I wanted the car to have super high detail no matter how close the camera came. The final model of the car had around 1.6 million polygons. Full detail in the headlights, taillights and the interior.

Adidas “Conquer” is about isolating yourself from the rest of the world on a rainy night to overcome your most difficult opponent - yourself. This night will be colder than the other nights, and the rain will fall harder. This is about breaking the invisible limits set by our minds. Impossible is Nothing.

Here is a visual effects breakdown for some of the shots from the commercial. A lot of motion tracking and background replacements. Most of the rain was generated in CG. In the shot breakdown where the opponents turn into water, none of them actually ran next to each other in real life.

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2013 SAATCHI & SAATCHI New Directors’ Showcase 2013 SHOTS Evolution 2013 Winner CLIO Silver 2013 Winner NYF Gold 2013 Winner NYF Gold 2013 Winner ART DIRECTORS CLUB Gold 2013 Winner WEBBY Honoree 2013 DIFF LA Film Festival Official Selection 2013 13 Million Worldwide views on YouTube

2012 #1 Popular Video around the Web on YouTube 2012 #2 Best Short Film of 2012 on Film Shortage 2012 Viral Content around the Globe on YouTube 2012 Winner ADDY Silver 2012 Winner TELLY Silver

2011 AICP Nominated 2011 Winner BMW International Automotive Competition 2nd 2011 Winner ADDY Gold 2011 Winner ADDY Gold 2011 Winner TELLY Silver 2011 Viral content in Taiwan & China

2010 Published in IdN v17n3 Eco-Graphics Issue 2010 Winner TELLY Silver 2010 Featured in SIGGRAPH 2010

1999 Winner of LEGO TV Competition in Russia


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Hi, I am a Director who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 2011. I was born in Russia and immigrated to  the United States when I was 14. Initially pursuing a career of a surgeon, the qualities of perfectionism and attention to detail were embedded in me. I also like user interface design. For inquiries & bookings or just to say hello, please feel free to contact me.




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